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Your inner sound

Sometimes I discover a place in our beloved virtual world of Second “Lie”, which I need to share. A place that is so rare and precious that there is a danger in sharing it. Shall I share and risk to make it more public or should I enjoy it with the few people who know it? In this case, I want to share, because this place can do a little magic to you. Stress and all the negative influence may fall from you, if you visit “The Bable“. A place that will make you listen to yourself again. If you drop in, you will find yourself in a white place and upwards to the sky you will see some stairs surrounded by black blocks. You will hear a hypnotic minimalistic background “beat” and if you touch one of the black cubes they will play a sound fitting to that beat which will instantly create a unique ambient music. Touch the cubes the way you are feeling deep inside you and maybe you suddenly will listen to your inner sound.  Playing on the blocks is like playing the wind-chime of your soul. Take your time an walk around, touch a cube from time to time and become calm and peaceful. But do not tell to many friends about the little secret we share with this special place.

Beside that, this is the best piece of interactive art I ever have seen in Second Life. I don’t want to spoil to much. I hope you will enjoy and maybe you will add a comment to this article in my blog how you felt or what you think about.