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Shadow, thank you light!

A couple of days ago I did buy a Nvidia GTX560TI graphic card. Priced around 200 Euro. The GTX560TI shows it full power if you activate the openGL-Vertex-Buffer option in the graphics settings of the SL Viewer, which almost doubles the frame rate . Today I did take it to a little light and shadow test in the world of Second Life. You have to activate the shadow options in a hidden developer menue. In the picture  you can see the result. My avatar is standing behind a prim with a window texture. The texture uses the alpha option to make it transparent. As you can see the sunlight is rendered correctly with the prim’s window texture. And the shadow of my avatar standing between the sun, the window texture and the ground is also rendered correctly. The window’s shadow is drawn on the back of my avatar. As nice as this screenshot looks the living picture inworld even more beautiful.  The sunlight seems to sparkle. The frame rate (fps) is around 30 fps. Which is enough to have a fluid motion feeling without local lags. I really love the look of this virtual world now. It’s that kind of FX you are awaiting in a modern virtual world. Nice!


Product review: New Trails -Adorned Fallen Tree

It is no secret that I like virtual stuff which has the torn look of something that is used, old and dirty.I never liked that shiny new polished object that much. Today I did follow an ad which is no thing that I do very often. The attached snapshot looked very promising. Visiting the object inworld did not disappoint me. Vitrail Illios did create a great piece of old rotten wood with so much details, so well chosen textures. This objects does shows again how great content in Second Life can be if the right designer did create it. Unfortunately there is a scary mixture of great next generation stuff and old time vintage early days stuff in SL. I really like the creativity people spend to create things. But to be honest, if you are not at last half as good as a designer like Vitrail Illios, stop selling your crap, save your shop rent and stop being frustrated that nobody will buy your creations. But take work like his as measure of quality for your own work. Improve you work and work harder providing that you are going to sell it. I am not saying that I don’t respect the work of amateurs but I don’t like many of them being over-proud, not able to take critique and flooding endless malls where you as costumer waste time to nuzzle though b-rated goods.

In the case of the “New Trails -Adorned Fallen Tree” , this product will get a “must buy” rating from me. 🙂

Here is the SLURL to the location. Take the time to look around the place, you will find many more great stuff for landscaping.