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News:OpenSim in your Webbrowser!

A friend did send me a link this morning which made me kind of cheer. While Linden Lab is talking about a browser based viewer, someone else did build one. Yes, I know there has been a wacky web viewer before. I tried it and was very disappointed. But this new try from no one else than the famous people of rezzable is state of the art technology. They use the incredible UNITY Game development tool as platform . What is so great about that you may ask? If you look at the demo on the unity website you will soon understand. It has a awesome performance. Even on my ATOM CPU based netbook, I am able to navigate very fast inside a 3D environment. Because the viewer takes care about the level of details very well. And even more. Once you did develop on UNITY you can easy migrate to different hardware platforms. Such as the iPhone or iPad. did create a little video showing the viewer in action. There are still a lot of things to code, a lot of problems to solve and we should not over hype this breaking news, but for now I am very excited!