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Visiting: The next day

If it is to perfect, it is not perfect!”. And so I like virtual environments which have that special kind of grunge look. Everybody who knows the movie Bladerunner will like the Second Life Region, called THE NEXT DAY(SLURL). High class textures on a very detailed objects. It is dark, it is rainy, it is foggy. Neon sings and futuristic architecture make it a flash forward to a major city in probably fifty years. Maybe a metropolis we know may look like that.

THE NEXT DAY - city skylineThe light FX and the massive use of glow/bloom FX make this region absolute brilliant. Once you step in, you feel the urge to discover every single detail. I did stop every few steps to look around, to rotate my camera, to suck up the fine details and to get that certain feeling that your are really here. Don’t make the mistake to zoom out to far, it will interrupt the feeling of your own physical presence and ruin the fun in discovering.

THE NEXT DAY - undergroundIf you dare, go underground and discover long corridors, branches and some doors to private chambers, which are locked. Even here in the underground. It is perfect, high level builds, it does look just the way you are accidentally expecting it to be. Just out of your mind. The builders have a very high level of empathic. You soon will find yourself as a character out of a sci-fi movie. Which is good for this region. Because it is a roleplay region. DCS and roleplay are very welcome.

Impressive sculpted statues Nice details everywhere…
…all in all a great scenery!

And now to my ratings. I will give from now on to every visitation I will blog about.

Idea: 90%
Realisation: 95%
Object design: 95%
Textures: 95%
Lighting: 95%
My Immersion: 90%
Ssound FX: –
Over all impression: 93,33 %