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Personal: Home 5.0

Well, sometimes you have to listen to a inner voice to figure out what is right or wrong. For no reason a inner voice told me today to settle down for a while as resident. If you are on journeys, even in cyberspace you need a place called home. A place to relay on. A haven in the metaverse. After a short time I did get rid off a rented skybox.  It had the charm of a cheap hotel room. Unless the rent, that was not very cheap ;-).

Since I have found no better place with more content like second life, I searched and found that special place, which  location I will keep secret. Hopefully it will last for a long time. Since I am no content creator and designer in second life no more, since I am no SIM owner any more I did find my temporary peace with second life. But for a hundred reasons not with Linden Lab or the retards you will meet in every world. So without any kind of anger, I can call a place  home,  again…