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Event: Bootie – Second Life, Mashup my mind!

Sorry, but I have to yawn while I am excited. Why? Let me explain. In real-world on my side of the planet it is 7:52 AM on a much, much to early Sunday morning with 28.2°C in my room, this makes me yawn. On the other side of the planet in there is an event in a real world club which makes me to be excited. Oh yes, sure there is a bit more to it than a club on the other side of the world. The DNA-Lounge at 375 Eleventh Street,San Francisco, CA 94103 and the Club Republik in the virtual world of  SL . Right now, they are doing a mashup bootleg party. They share the same music, a video stream from the SL club is displayed in the real-world club’s silver screen and the club does stream a live video into the internet. So the worlds can share the event.

This is what my PC screens does look right now. On the left screen the real world event and on the right screen the event in second life. Both sides seam to have much fun.

And while I am messing around with wordpress to blog this for you. The world’s first live mash up rock band is performing some great songs on the DNA-Lounge stage.

The Simulator in SL is getting more and more busy to handle the 46 avatars being in this place and teleporting in all the time, the real-world people are lining up outside the DNA-Lounge to enter. The DNA-Lounge bouncer seems to be more busy than the SL botted one.  ;-).

So far I can tell this early morning event is a total WIN for me. While I am nipping  my coffee, while I am listening to really great music I am watching people having the best thing in all worlds, FUN.

And oh yes, after being here and there too…err..wait…where am I? In SL ? In SF via the video stream, or in front of my PC? The border is fading. Following my definition I am where my mind is. No need to have a physical presence at the moment.

And while the only person which is presented at booth sides right now, Keela Latte, is doing her great DJ set I lean back, stop to blog and enjoy the event like some hundred people do. Life is great in what form of presence  you may like it the most. Today my choice is to be an avatar. Tomorrow , who knows. Enjoy life, Enjoy yourself and goooood morning world.

/me clicks PUBLISH in wordpress and closes the browser.