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The temperature outside is up to 38°C, and inside at 28 °C. It seems that my brain is operating in a not known mode and so I do things I usually do not. Like walking around in boxers or buying virtual pets…

WTF? Pets? Yes! Yesterday my nerdish, geeky, all worlds best female friend, came up with a SL landmark I should be dying to see.  So far to the background story. We teleported to a virtual tamagotchi-thingy like selling point. At first I was going..”yes..cute..ah again..a virtual pet” . But after taking a look at the idea behind the virtual pet, made me smile. Because virtual worlds need more creative content like this.

We decided to take a look at the animal creators sim too…

The team of did create a virtual bunny micro cosmos. Their SIM looks like a little girls dream and you may start to barf about the cuteness, but far apart from that. They created an entertaining product line. You can buy a bunny nest and some basic food and water. You can choose your bunny out of many different races and properties. We  did  not find bunny nests at their SIM, just starter packs, so the landmark above may be a good starting point to get a bunny with the properties you like. If you want a special race.

Once your bunny is born you will have to deliver some food etc. . It does not take to much attention and the costs for the food are moderate if you…well ..if you not to decide to breed. Yes, you did read right. And this is where the fun starts. You can bring together a pair of bunny and if you treat them right you soon will have some baby bunny. You may end up like Cpt. Kirk and his tribbles. The impressing thing about that bunny funny product is. They did build in some genetic rules. So your baby bunny will have some characteristics from his parents.  In the worst case you will have a mutant bunny. As natural born shopping addicted we did buy a bunny each and set it up. My little one is called “bun bun”, named after the a toy bunny meekakitty did create as give-away some weeks ago.

Behind the fun, there is a high level of creativity. One of those user driven business, people, costumers like. I urge the content creators in SL to create more such great stuff. And I urge Linden Lab to take care of them and not to scare them off Second Life by chaotic Linden Lab business behaviour.

Well yes, I am going mad, yes it is too hot today. But hey, at last I take my time every day in life to play. When did you play the last time in your life? So get your bunny NOW and enjoy life! I am out now, at the coast, fishing virtual. But that is another insane story….

Bun Bun's first hops

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