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Yay, another blog. Yet, again. Fine, *yawn*.

After blogging around a little bit since January using a different account, I decided to think over the way I blog. The old blog has been a mixture out of real world and virtual issues. It had no real thread to follow. Actually I lost the fun with it. I came to the conclusion to start all over again with the most lasting thing in my life. The so called cyberspace and the lifestyle connected to that thread.  You may wonder why I decided to blog in English which is not my native language. One reason, traffic. Yes, I am a traffic shark. And if you blog too, and you are honest, you are a traffic slut too. We all are. Nevertheless this blog should be a Log, of the things I am seeing in virtual spaces,the content I create, the things i will experience and my personal thoughts about all that. Just to remember once a day. I wish I would have started all this some years earlier. So watch out blogosphere here is my place in time and virtual space.

~Infinite Sunset~