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Shadow, thank you light!

A couple of days ago I did buy a Nvidia GTX560TI graphic card. Priced around 200 Euro. The GTX560TI shows it full power if you activate the openGL-Vertex-Buffer option in the graphics settings of the SL Viewer, which almost doubles the frame rate . Today I did take it to a little light and shadow test in the world of Second Life. You have to activate the shadow options in a hidden developer menue. In the picture  you can see the result. My avatar is standing behind a prim with a window texture. The texture uses the alpha option to make it transparent. As you can see the sunlight is rendered correctly with the prim’s window texture. And the shadow of my avatar standing between the sun, the window texture and the ground is also rendered correctly. The window’s shadow is drawn on the back of my avatar. As nice as this screenshot looks the living picture inworld even more beautiful.  The sunlight seems to sparkle. The frame rate (fps) is around 30 fps. Which is enough to have a fluid motion feeling without local lags. I really love the look of this virtual world now. It’s that kind of FX you are awaiting in a modern virtual world. Nice!


Your inner sound

Sometimes I discover a place in our beloved virtual world of Second “Lie”, which I need to share. A place that is so rare and precious that there is a danger in sharing it. Shall I share and risk to make it more public or should I enjoy it with the few people who know it? In this case, I want to share, because this place can do a little magic to you. Stress and all the negative influence may fall from you, if you visit “The Bable“. A place that will make you listen to yourself again. If you drop in, you will find yourself in a white place and upwards to the sky you will see some stairs surrounded by black blocks. You will hear a hypnotic minimalistic background “beat” and if you touch one of the black cubes they will play a sound fitting to that beat which will instantly create a unique ambient music. Touch the cubes the way you are feeling deep inside you and maybe you suddenly will listen to your inner sound.  Playing on the blocks is like playing the wind-chime of your soul. Take your time an walk around, touch a cube from time to time and become calm and peaceful. But do not tell to many friends about the little secret we share with this special place.

Beside that, this is the best piece of interactive art I ever have seen in Second Life. I don’t want to spoil to much. I hope you will enjoy and maybe you will add a comment to this article in my blog how you felt or what you think about.

OpenSim: A little story of a closed-user micro grid

It has been a while since I have been in my little own closed grid, which I run for some of my oldest SL friends. In the last months of 2007 we did your first steps. And now we can feel a little bit comfortable in our exile. We got the basic things we need, and the content does look very nice. If you run a micro grid, things develop very very slow. From time to time you get a new curious visitor, mostly a friend of a friend. They drop in, are enthusiastic, see the work that has to be done and leave.  Just 1% of the visitors stay and try to contribute whatever they are able to give. I did spend ~ 3000 EUR over the time for the server infrastructure and do spend a lot of time to keep things running. Technically and as contact person for the needs of the grid users. In the early days of our micro grid we decided to keep it as  closed usergroup grid and not to connect trough hypergrid. In first it was the fear of content theft about their stuff that they did create in our grid.  After a while we saw that it is good to have a kind of “INVITE ONLY” grid. So we could control who we let in. We did not want any weirdos, or lets say no users that are much more weirdo than us ;-).  Another slowing down decision has been, not to have an inworld currency, most of us left SL because of the bad economy or the wrong decisions of Linden Lab, which is in the conclusion pretty the same :-). If you got no currency you will not attract professional content creators. Soon we did realize that and did no longer cry about that. We where facing copyright discussions and solved them and decided that the respect of the copyright is a very high good. Even if we are closed. In doubt, we delete “shady” content. Better safe than sorry. Even in our micro grid we had some bad blood due to strong personality by what we lost some valuable users which are hard to replace. In a micro community every head is a mastermind and more than important. And for me it had been hard to take care of all the problems you are facing if you run a grid. I soon decided not to go to deep into human relationship issues. I just always tried to keep it on a moderate level between the fronts. And where are we now?

We were facing times of silence, where nothing seem to happen, where no one logs in for a week. And we have high weeks where for some reason many people are online and creating content. Mainly people are online while the grid founders are online too. I guess people really need a permanent contact person and a kind of guide. It is nice to work on things and no one is distracting you. But it can be very lonesome…much much to lonesome there. If no one is there to “show and tell” why build? Is the question I ask myself the most and I guess others are asking the same question in other grids too. That’s our story so far.  I truly hope that the end of the summertime will get people back to fun-work in our little paradise-like-utopia-exile. I promise to blog a little bit more about our opensim-grid activity  in future. If that is stuff that matters…in anyway.

Product review: New Trails -Adorned Fallen Tree

It is no secret that I like virtual stuff which has the torn look of something that is used, old and dirty.I never liked that shiny new polished object that much. Today I did follow an ad which is no thing that I do very often. The attached snapshot looked very promising. Visiting the object inworld did not disappoint me. Vitrail Illios did create a great piece of old rotten wood with so much details, so well chosen textures. This objects does shows again how great content in Second Life can be if the right designer did create it. Unfortunately there is a scary mixture of great next generation stuff and old time vintage early days stuff in SL. I really like the creativity people spend to create things. But to be honest, if you are not at last half as good as a designer like Vitrail Illios, stop selling your crap, save your shop rent and stop being frustrated that nobody will buy your creations. But take work like his as measure of quality for your own work. Improve you work and work harder providing that you are going to sell it. I am not saying that I don’t respect the work of amateurs but I don’t like many of them being over-proud, not able to take critique and flooding endless malls where you as costumer waste time to nuzzle though b-rated goods.

In the case of the “New Trails -Adorned Fallen Tree” , this product will get a “must buy” rating from me. 🙂

Here is the SLURL to the location. Take the time to look around the place, you will find many more great stuff for landscaping.

Personal: Dear Philip Linden/Rosedale,

Dear Philip,
after reading your blog post, I did take a rest and sit down to think over what you were writing. The most important thing you did say for me   “… I’d like to thank the SL community,  and in particular  those people who sent me the many heart-warming email messages of  support that I’ve received since returning.”

You may ask, why is this so important? Because it is odd to hear a CEO of a commercial driven product to talk about “a warm heart”. And I don’t talk about the CEO of warming blanket factory ;-).  May this be true? Is this CEO having a heart? And does he mind to keep it warm by the community and not by a “hot balance sheet”?

It is true that you need money to keep your business running, the pay the wages, to pay your bills. But I guess you never had this primary in mind when you started your Second life product. If I am wrong with my guess,  I only can say “you had bad luck” . You did create a product with a high emotional  and strong social binding of your too often underestimated costumers.

Dear, Phil’, what do you feel, if you look to a screenshot like the one above? Do you see a costumer willing to spend some money? Or do you see a person with a warm heart, sitting at a place which a another warm hearted person did build? Do you see cost of ownership or do you see a beautiful place in a world which had already lost so many heart warming places like this forever. To keep you heart warm for a very long time never stop to listen to your community which is is left after Linden Lab did squish out some hearts due to greed and a CEO which heart had been cold as ice.  We put our hearts into your hands, what will you do? Squish or keep em warm?

Philip, if you ever may have the smallest doubt, here is the landmark to the place shown in the picture above, sit down, look around, make a deep thought, maybe you will get a warm heart after a while again.

Sincerely  yours, Infinite.

Event: Bootie – Second Life, Mashup my mind!

Sorry, but I have to yawn while I am excited. Why? Let me explain. In real-world on my side of the planet it is 7:52 AM on a much, much to early Sunday morning with 28.2°C in my room, this makes me yawn. On the other side of the planet in there is an event in a real world club which makes me to be excited. Oh yes, sure there is a bit more to it than a club on the other side of the world. The DNA-Lounge at 375 Eleventh Street,San Francisco, CA 94103 and the Club Republik in the virtual world of  SL . Right now, they are doing a mashup bootleg party. They share the same music, a video stream from the SL club is displayed in the real-world club’s silver screen and the club does stream a live video into the internet. So the worlds can share the event.

This is what my PC screens does look right now. On the left screen the real world event and on the right screen the event in second life. Both sides seam to have much fun.

And while I am messing around with wordpress to blog this for you. The world’s first live mash up rock band is performing some great songs on the DNA-Lounge stage.

The Simulator in SL is getting more and more busy to handle the 46 avatars being in this place and teleporting in all the time, the real-world people are lining up outside the DNA-Lounge to enter. The DNA-Lounge bouncer seems to be more busy than the SL botted one.  ;-).

So far I can tell this early morning event is a total WIN for me. While I am nipping  my coffee, while I am listening to really great music I am watching people having the best thing in all worlds, FUN.

And oh yes, after being here and there too…err..wait…where am I? In SL ? In SF via the video stream, or in front of my PC? The border is fading. Following my definition I am where my mind is. No need to have a physical presence at the moment.

And while the only person which is presented at booth sides right now, Keela Latte, is doing her great DJ set I lean back, stop to blog and enjoy the event like some hundred people do. Life is great in what form of presence  you may like it the most. Today my choice is to be an avatar. Tomorrow , who knows. Enjoy life, Enjoy yourself and goooood morning world.

/me clicks PUBLISH in wordpress and closes the browser.



The temperature outside is up to 38°C, and inside at 28 °C. It seems that my brain is operating in a not known mode and so I do things I usually do not. Like walking around in boxers or buying virtual pets…

WTF? Pets? Yes! Yesterday my nerdish, geeky, all worlds best female friend, came up with a SL landmark I should be dying to see.  So far to the background story. We teleported to a virtual tamagotchi-thingy like selling point. At first I was going..”yes..cute..ah again..a virtual pet” . But after taking a look at the idea behind the virtual pet, made me smile. Because virtual worlds need more creative content like this.

We decided to take a look at the animal creators sim too…

The team of did create a virtual bunny micro cosmos. Their SIM looks like a little girls dream and you may start to barf about the cuteness, but far apart from that. They created an entertaining product line. You can buy a bunny nest and some basic food and water. You can choose your bunny out of many different races and properties. We  did  not find bunny nests at their SIM, just starter packs, so the landmark above may be a good starting point to get a bunny with the properties you like. If you want a special race.

Once your bunny is born you will have to deliver some food etc. . It does not take to much attention and the costs for the food are moderate if you…well ..if you not to decide to breed. Yes, you did read right. And this is where the fun starts. You can bring together a pair of bunny and if you treat them right you soon will have some baby bunny. You may end up like Cpt. Kirk and his tribbles. The impressing thing about that bunny funny product is. They did build in some genetic rules. So your baby bunny will have some characteristics from his parents.  In the worst case you will have a mutant bunny. As natural born shopping addicted we did buy a bunny each and set it up. My little one is called “bun bun”, named after the a toy bunny meekakitty did create as give-away some weeks ago.

Behind the fun, there is a high level of creativity. One of those user driven business, people, costumers like. I urge the content creators in SL to create more such great stuff. And I urge Linden Lab to take care of them and not to scare them off Second Life by chaotic Linden Lab business behaviour.

Well yes, I am going mad, yes it is too hot today. But hey, at last I take my time every day in life to play. When did you play the last time in your life? So get your bunny NOW and enjoy life! I am out now, at the coast, fishing virtual. But that is another insane story….

Bun Bun's first hops

Your Infinite Sunset.

Personal: Home 5.0

Well, sometimes you have to listen to a inner voice to figure out what is right or wrong. For no reason a inner voice told me today to settle down for a while as resident. If you are on journeys, even in cyberspace you need a place called home. A place to relay on. A haven in the metaverse. After a short time I did get rid off a rented skybox.  It had the charm of a cheap hotel room. Unless the rent, that was not very cheap ;-).

Since I have found no better place with more content like second life, I searched and found that special place, which  location I will keep secret. Hopefully it will last for a long time. Since I am no content creator and designer in second life no more, since I am no SIM owner any more I did find my temporary peace with second life. But for a hundred reasons not with Linden Lab or the retards you will meet in every world. So without any kind of anger, I can call a place  home,  again…

News:OpenSim in your Webbrowser!

A friend did send me a link this morning which made me kind of cheer. While Linden Lab is talking about a browser based viewer, someone else did build one. Yes, I know there has been a wacky web viewer before. I tried it and was very disappointed. But this new try from no one else than the famous people of rezzable is state of the art technology. They use the incredible UNITY Game development tool as platform . What is so great about that you may ask? If you look at the demo on the unity website you will soon understand. It has a awesome performance. Even on my ATOM CPU based netbook, I am able to navigate very fast inside a 3D environment. Because the viewer takes care about the level of details very well. And even more. Once you did develop on UNITY you can easy migrate to different hardware platforms. Such as the iPhone or iPad. did create a little video showing the viewer in action. There are still a lot of things to code, a lot of problems to solve and we should not over hype this breaking news, but for now I am very excited!

Visiting: The next day

If it is to perfect, it is not perfect!”. And so I like virtual environments which have that special kind of grunge look. Everybody who knows the movie Bladerunner will like the Second Life Region, called THE NEXT DAY(SLURL). High class textures on a very detailed objects. It is dark, it is rainy, it is foggy. Neon sings and futuristic architecture make it a flash forward to a major city in probably fifty years. Maybe a metropolis we know may look like that.

THE NEXT DAY - city skylineThe light FX and the massive use of glow/bloom FX make this region absolute brilliant. Once you step in, you feel the urge to discover every single detail. I did stop every few steps to look around, to rotate my camera, to suck up the fine details and to get that certain feeling that your are really here. Don’t make the mistake to zoom out to far, it will interrupt the feeling of your own physical presence and ruin the fun in discovering.

THE NEXT DAY - undergroundIf you dare, go underground and discover long corridors, branches and some doors to private chambers, which are locked. Even here in the underground. It is perfect, high level builds, it does look just the way you are accidentally expecting it to be. Just out of your mind. The builders have a very high level of empathic. You soon will find yourself as a character out of a sci-fi movie. Which is good for this region. Because it is a roleplay region. DCS and roleplay are very welcome.

Impressive sculpted statues Nice details everywhere…
…all in all a great scenery!

And now to my ratings. I will give from now on to every visitation I will blog about.

Idea: 90%
Realisation: 95%
Object design: 95%
Textures: 95%
Lighting: 95%
My Immersion: 90%
Ssound FX: –
Over all impression: 93,33 %