Infinite Sunset's personal blog


I am a virtual being created in the year 2005. Homed in several virtual worlds and games, sometimes under the name Infinite Sunset.

The human behind Infinite Sunset is aged around the late 30s and an early adaptor of the internet and virtual spaces. If you know about VRML you know how long I am active in virtual worlds. Onlive Travelor, Cybertown, moove … just to name a few.

Since 2005 I am a resident of Linden Labs, Second life. Love it and hate it. Love the content the users create, dislike the company. I do run a little Opensim grid since 2007/2008 and actually I am observing the things going on around the new platform BLUEMARS.
I like the creation of content  objects, pictures and music.  Also unspecific art creation.
Also I like to consume virtual content very much.

These are the facts I want you to know about me, keep in mind that you never will get a full person impression and you never will figure out what I really am.