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Personal: Dear Philip Linden/Rosedale,

Dear Philip,
after reading your blog post, I did take a rest and sit down to think over what you were writing. The most important thing you did say for me   “… I’d like to thank the SL community,  and in particular  those people who sent me the many heart-warming email messages of  support that I’ve received since returning.”

You may ask, why is this so important? Because it is odd to hear a CEO of a commercial driven product to talk about “a warm heart”. And I don’t talk about the CEO of warming blanket factory ;-).  May this be true? Is this CEO having a heart? And does he mind to keep it warm by the community and not by a “hot balance sheet”?

It is true that you need money to keep your business running, the pay the wages, to pay your bills. But I guess you never had this primary in mind when you started your Second life product. If I am wrong with my guess,  I only can say “you had bad luck” . You did create a product with a high emotional  and strong social binding of your too often underestimated costumers.

Dear, Phil’, what do you feel, if you look to a screenshot like the one above? Do you see a costumer willing to spend some money? Or do you see a person with a warm heart, sitting at a place which a another warm hearted person did build? Do you see cost of ownership or do you see a beautiful place in a world which had already lost so many heart warming places like this forever. To keep you heart warm for a very long time never stop to listen to your community which is is left after Linden Lab did squish out some hearts due to greed and a CEO which heart had been cold as ice.  We put our hearts into your hands, what will you do? Squish or keep em warm?

Philip, if you ever may have the smallest doubt, here is the landmark to the place shown in the picture above, sit down, look around, make a deep thought, maybe you will get a warm heart after a while again.

Sincerely  yours, Infinite.


2 responses

  1. Now that was a great write and your right..What are we in for it’s so easy if he felt that way about what he made I know if I put something like that together I would have it with me till the day I died and make sure it was still running way after I’m gone For not just me and the money for what I have made for others to really enjoy and be a big part of That’s the think I don’t Think they are seeing the life that’s in it..with all the feelings of the people behind it..But that’s my out look on it..
    moeshere Foxdale
    living another life in Second life.

    18/07/2010 at 23:45

  2. i hope it is true. Certainly SL did have that “real” feeling three years ago

    if Philip can get that feeling back, even if it is only a perception of it, then Second Life will experience a renaissance

    nicely written Infinite and clearly from a truly warm and sincere heart

    29/07/2010 at 15:56

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